Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts and Management Deer Hunts at the 3R Ranch with accommodations
a Ten Point Buck taken by Dori This is a really nice ten point Whitetail Buck Lance Cummings of Kingsland, Tx 10 point deer taken on December 20th.
Sandra Lewing from Lufkin bagged this nice 10 point deer this past Friday afternoon. The deer was taken in a low fence portion of the RRR Ranch that participates in the Simms Creek Co-Op.

Whitetail Deer, Black Buck, Axis Deer,

and Turkey Hunts

Old Fashion Hill Country Style Hunting

Guided hunts will take place in our high fenced hunting pasture. The terrain is very diverse and offers you different types of scenery and experiences. You may hunt in a deep dark creek bottom one morning, a flat in the afternoon and finish at night in the deep brush on the mountain. The scenery is breath taking, the fresh air is cleansing and wildlife abounds.

Hunts will include sitting in our remake of the old fashion hill country blinds, some cliff overlook hunting and sometimes, even a little safari action. We will hunt over great travel trails, grain fields/foods plots and may even try rattling.

Each morning after your coffee with that great aroma filling the Lazy W Lodge, we will leave for the hunting grounds. The fresh air, many times cool will send chills down your spine as deer are like ghosts in the night on our way to your hand picked blind. Your experience with all the care in the world is about to begin.

Our aim is the offer a safe, fair chase and pleasurable experience for your memories. We will do our best to find game, but please remember these are wild animals and skill, patience and a little luck is required. We want you to come back, so we will do our part to make that happen.

Cameron Reed (left) guided Angel Vazquez U.S. Army (right) Saturday at the RRR Ranch as part of the Wounded Warrior hunt.

Cameron Reed (left) guided Angel Vazquez U.S. Army (right) Saturday at the RRR Ranch
as part of the Wounded Warrior hunt. Angel has been on three tours of duty and never hunted before.
Hunting an oat field with his guide Angel bagged his first whitetail with a brand new .223 rifle bought for the hunt.
  Both the hunter and landowner will be recognized by the Texas Big Game Award program In the first harvest category.
  For more information on this program go to

Carroll Lewing-guide, 7 inch brow tine buck

Daniel Bullock, US Army with his first two deer harvested ever!

 a large 8 point Whitetail Buck A Black Buck taken on the RRR Ranch Cameron Reed of Kingsland,Tx
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