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The Legend

History of "The Legend"

This gun was carried by my relative and good friend, James "Rip" Farley, in his pick up for 50+ years. He passed the gun onto me when he passed away a few years ago.

The gun was manufactured in Germany as a military rifle with a Mauser action. There is a proof mark from Germany that would indicate it was made in the late 1800's.

The next proof mark is from Great Britain where it must have been worked on around World War I. The next mark is from Walker Gunsmith in Goliad, Texas, who modified the gun to a 22.250.

Being a Mauser action and 22.250 caliber, the gun shoots extremely well. Over the years, it has gained a reputation f 0or accuracy driven mostly by the confidence of the shooter.

I hope you enjoy some comments about "The Legend".......and read comments on Friends and Family tab on our own experiences. The Legend - Warren Blesh's Whitetail Deer rife.


Guns don’t get special names without earning them. When you think of Quigley Down Under, you think of the sharps rifle used in the movie. When you think of the RRR you think of THE LEGEND that Warren Blesh is the current steward.

In the 2012 season, mom (Bobbie Blesh) harvested her first game animal a black buck with one shot from The Legend. In 2013, she was coming for her first big game hunt. Unfortunately, she broke her hand the week before the hunt. She immediately wanted to come back in the 2014 season.

Mom arrived on a Friday and in the cabin she quickly said, “I want the same gun”. We practiced with the trigger and she was fully confident she could find her mark. Saturday morning came and we patiently waited in the stand in high winds and a slight drizzle. The deer were sluggish and we called it a morning at 8:45.

That afternoon, we went to the mountain blind near the box canyon. Deer began to emerge it seemed like everywhere. Mom was excited and pointed at every deer. I had to hold her hand down to keep us hidden. Now, I must say mom had broken her left hand on Monday and was sporting a small cast until her surgery next week. Also, a nice black eye added that “Rocky” look as she hunted.

At 5:15 an 8 point came in at 120 yards and presented a mediocre shot. She want to take it. With broken hand aside, she steadied The Legend and fired on her own. The buck fell in its tracks. What a shot for “One Shot Mom”.

The Legend continues~!

Mary Anglin arrived at the RRR Ranch this past week. After her husband Toby bagged a nice 8 point I learned Mary had never harvested a whitetail deer. The Legend was a little itchy to get some work in, so I invited Mary to go on a morning hunt with me and Toby could watch us go for her first deer. As the rain let up, this nice 8 point limped onto the oat field. Looking a little injured and being softy hearted for first time hunters, it was time to put the Legend to work.
Mary looked though the scope and found the buck. I said, “are you ready?” She said “he is not turned just right”. After a minute or two, Mary took the shot. The buck only ran about 30 yards before going down. Here is what Mary had to say. “Wow, the Legend did not even kick and the trigger is so easy. I just love that gun!”

2014 Season

“When I arrived to hunt, “Bull” told me I had to leave my .270 in the cabin. He insisted I use “The Legend.”
Wow, I don’t even remember the shot. IT WAS SO SMOOTH!”

“Well, I am spoiled now. I got to use “The Legend” on my first Texas hunt. Bull said I could just point it out the blind window and it would find the spot.

It did and the moment was incredible.”

"The Legend" Goes to New Mexico

Many of you have followed the story of “The Legend”, a 22.250 left to me in my friend James “Rip” Farley’s will.  The gun’s history can be found just above.

The gun has a German mauser action that dates back pre 1900 and was customized to a 22.250 by a gunsmith in Goliad, Texas many years go. “Rip” carried the gun in his pick up for 50 years. It has never missed!

When I arrived on the Wildlife Systems hunt, my guide Jackie asked if I brought the gun. Jackie would prefer I shoot a .300 Weatherby Mag so nothing is injured and he does not have to track anything. My light caliber made him nervous even though he had guided me on a successful mule deer hunt several years ago with the gun.

Our hunt started on the 40,000 acre ranch at 5:45 a.m. Each hunter is paired with a partner. I chose to let my partner shoot first. Around 8:45 a.m. he bagged a nice pronghorn. After some photos and taking the deer to camp, it was my turn to hunt.

Well, we rode from 2:00 p.m. till 7:25 p.m. looking for a shooter. This time period included 3 long stalks and many a spooked pronghorn. With eyes better than Mr. Ziess can make binoculars, the pronghorns took off running when we were within 1,000 yards!

That was, until 7:25 p.m. and we were headed in to camp. Off at 186 yards was a nice pronghorn. Jackie, nervous about the caliber, said, “What do you want to do?” I said, “I’ll shoot it off your back pack.” We went into full hunt mode.

Well, my finger got tangled in the backpack’s strings and straps and I put the first bullet in the dirt 4 feet from me. The pronghorn looked at me like “what on earth is this guy doing”.  Having all the faith in “The Legend” I put the gun back down and let the bullet fly.  The pronghorn fell straight down.  “The “Legend” had delivered again.

It may be time for “The Legend” to hunt a free ranging aoudad. I hope Jackie can take the excitement!

Submitted by: Warren Blesh

Jennifer Blesh Black 2013

A Black Buck taken by Jennifer Blesh Black with the Legend

"Wow daddy, the trigger is so easy. That gun is sweet!"

Quotes from around the State of Texas

I remember that rifle. Rip told me to shoot a coyote one day with it when we were checkin' cows in his ol' grey dodge, 12 or so yrs ago. 150 yds maybe more .. right behind the shoulder .. no problem. It wasn't as long as my rem 700 - 30.06 .. but it sure got the job done ...."

Joel "Bobcat" Gerdes"

Great Story! Remember the gun well. Rip was real good at showing people up with that rifle. Somebody ought to write these stories down and compile a book about the late great Mr. Farley.

Dale Hancock

Rip was one of the most wonderful men I have ever met. Dating him was an experience that will last me a lifetime and has made my life a lot richer. Rip was a real BSer, and was always teasing me about something. I loved his sense of humor. One day we were at the ranch riding around looking for baby calves. He always had that special rifle next to him in the truck. He was teasing me about giving him a kiss, which I was resisting. He made a bet with me that he could shoot the head off a dove that was sitting on an electric line across the fence, at about 100 yards. Of course I took the bet, with the pay off being a kiss. I knew I would win because I could hardly see the dove sitting on the line from the truck. You know what Warren, he got his kiss!!!! I've never seen anything like it. I watched him walk over to pick up the dove just to make sure he didn't pull off the head while standing on it. He carefully picked up the bird, and sure enough the dove's head was gone!! What a shot and What a kiss!

Miss that guy.

Gay Ray

I forwarded your story to the guys that frequent the Goliad ranch and stories are starting to roll in about "The Legend". I witnessed Rip making a head shot on a hawk with that rifle (I guess for the quail) from over 100 yds. When driving in from Houston, the moment I pull off 59 onto Riverdale, I start thinking about Rip. For me, he is as much a part of that land as the cattle, game, and ancient oaks.

Malcolm Boatner

I was riding in Coots pen the back pasture of the Power Ranch in Goliad County years ago. Some wild turkey were making their way up the hill about 175 yards towards the neighbors fence. I quickly bet Rip a six pack of beer he could not shoot the turkeys in the neck. Well, he took a quick shot, worn out scope and all. The turkey fell over. I went across the dry creek bed to get the bird. Guess what? The turkeys was in two pieces, body on left and neck and head on right. I quickly paid off and never bet against Rip or The Legend again.


RRR Ranch

The"Legend" was so cool and awesome.  Warren, with it, your's and dad's help I got my first buck. Can I call my mom now and tell her?

Jessie Roberson age 9

Goldthwaite, Texas

A Pronghorn Antelope taken by Warren Blesh with the Legend

The Legend Makes It To The Caddo-Gage

Earlier this fall (2007) "The Legend" and I traveled to the famous Caddo Gage ranch in West Texas. Yes, I was nervous never having hunted pronghorn before. All I heard before my hunt was to bring a big caliber gun and prepare for a long shot.

Well the morning came and my guide "Tex" from Wildlife Systems spotted a great pronghorn going over a rise. We quickly got out of the vehicle and started a stalk. The pronghorn saw us, so we sat down and he began to work his way to me.

About 20 minutes of give and take, he stuck his head around a yucca bush at 125 years. I told Tex I could make the shot... He seemed reluctant to let me go for it, but I convinced him "The Legend" would do just fine.

Summing it up, the shot has a slight fade to it around the yucca and the pronghorn fell. "The Legend" rang true. AND THAT'S NO BULL!

Cole Graybill Cameron #38 Texas A&M Football 2009

"Oh my Bull, firing the Legend is like silk, so smooth, I can't believe it."

"The Legend" faced it toughest test this past week.

Deer scored 165 B&C

The Legend met its toughest match this month. “We” faced the vast, rough country around Marathon, Texas and very elusive desert mulies. Monday’s weather was 70 degrees and winds out of the south at 30mph. Tuesday morning we saw lots of young bucks. Our assigned pasture was 14,000 acres on the famous Caddo Cage.

Around noon the second day the weather changed to a hard norther with winds 30 mph from the north and rain turning to snow. I was intimated by the hard hunting, hard weather and this was far more hunt than I had planned for “The Legend”.

Jackie, my guide and I spotted a big mulie chasing a few does..... The wind howled and I had to take my first shot from the pick up. The pick up shook, “the Legend” fired and I must have missed! Oh my, first miss in years... The next shot rang out as my guide said keep firing.

The next shot was a solid mid-section shot. Then, my buddy in Colorado had told me, high shoulder will take any mulie down. So, shooting the next time, I went high shoulder. The buck took a fall and both me and “The Legend” passed out from exhaustion.

We arrived back in camp to find no hunters with their deer yet as 8 hunters were combing many thousands of acres for big mulies. Once again, the magic, mystery and extraordinary powers of “the Legend” had come to make yet another mark in history.

The rest of our camp harvested their deer over the next few days; some even bigger than the 165 class buck taken by “the Legend”, but none with a 22.250 with the magic of only one gun ever made…………..

Thanks to Greg Simons and my guide, Jackie Murphy, for all their help on this hunt. If you want a great mule deer hunt, check out

December 2009

Caddo Gage Ranch

December 2008 Wildlife Systems Outfitter

Retired US Army Specialist Nicholas Schoon

A doe taken by Retired Army Specialist Schoon

Retired US Army Specialist Nicholas Schoon shown with his doe taken at the RRR Ranch Saturday 1-8-2011; as part of the towns wounded warrior hunt. Nicholas received his purple heart after being injured from a mine explosion in Iraq. He is shown here with "The Legend"

"The Legend is the smoothest shooting gun I ever fired!"

Nicholas Schoon, Retired Specialist U.S. Army

Purple Heart Soldier

Legend Steadies Nerves

Zach with his buck shot with the Legend

When Zach from Dallas arrived for his first big game harvest we talked about “The Legend” and how it was carried by Rip Farley for 50 years. He learned the gun never missed anything and was excited about the hunt. Later that afternoon after watching several does, spikes and blackbucks, a 7 point buck came down the mountain. Zach’s heartbeat raised and he was ready to shoot. Zach sat in my lap with dad watching on. The deer was nervous at 125 yards. I asked Zach if he had the buck in the scope. He said “yes”. I said you’re on your own. While Zach quivered with “Buck Fever” the “Legend” steadied his nerves. Zach made the shot and the deer fell not far from the spot he was standing. “The Legend” lives, helping another youth hunter bag their first buck. Long live our hunting heritage.


William Harris- Purple Heart Reciepent

Wounded Warrior Harris with a doe taken with the Legend.

"The Legend was so sweet. I just held on the doe at 200 yards, the trigger was light, I pulled it and the doe went down"

A Great Day With "The Legend"


 I had the opportunity to hunt blackbuck today with the great grandson of the man who left me "The Legend" in his will. With much anticipated emotion and excitement Alex Eilers arrived with his mother Sarah Power and sister Jenna, Friday January 16, 2015........


Saturday morning Sarah, Alex and myself along with "The Legend" left at sunrise for a blind in the back pasture. Winds were 25 and felt like 40 as we sat and watched very little action of any kind that morning. After breakfast, Alex and I made several pasture runs "safari type" only to have the blackbucks elude us at every turn. This is not uncommon as their eyesight is remarkable. We verified they can run 50 mph.


After lunch we decided to sit in a blind at the base of our hill. Jenna, Alex, and Earl (Sarah's boyfriend) and I piled in a 2 person blind. Shortly after we got comfortable (not) a large male appeared at 140 yards. Alex took aim as the blackbuck was moving left to right. I said "Rip Farley is with you" and the shot rang out. Alex made a great shot and after a short bit of trailing, we came across the trophy. As a side note, Earl is a cardiologists, so he was a big help trailing as was Jenna.


After photos were taken Jenna and I chased a few whitetail does to end a great day with family. The hunting heritage continues.

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