Testimony by Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunters at the RRR Ranch.


Old Fashion Hill Country Hospitality

Cameron Reed Testimony

This nine point buck is just one of many trophy Whitetail bucks available at the RRR RanchThis past year in 2012 I had the pleasure to hunt at the RRR Trophy Hunting Ranch. Everything from the lodging, the peace and quiet, great grounds to hunt on... and the accommodations that Warren and his wife,  Dori, provided for us were awesome!

I was with my brother-in-law, and we both had a blast; I killed a huge 9 point with a kicker. My brother-in-law killed an 8 point that had 6 inch bases, and a drop tine and was massive! We killed black buck does and white tail does as well and all were fantastic hunting.

We not only had great time hunting, but we became friends with Warren and Dori while spending a little bit of time with them while not hunting. It really meant a lot to us. Warren can also grill a mean steak on the open flame fire pit located right outside of the cabin door!

Megan Connally's Hunt Testimony

A five year old 8 point buck taken by Megan Connally.Megan Connally is a student at Texas Tech and has a love for the outdoors. Megan was awarded a complimentary hunt at the RRR due to her sheer love of hunting. We had a great afternoon in the blind. We looked at over 10 bucks and talked about possible ages and should we shoot or not shoot. After about 2 hours we selected this 5 year old 8 point buck. Good for Megan, good for the ranch. Go Red Raiders!

Youth Testimony

Shelby Smith

My name is Shelby Smith. I’m 15. I started fi shing with my dad when I was 2 years oldA really nice 8 point Whitetail Buck. and still like to go. My dad has buddies that invite him to go hunting and I liked hearing his stories when he got home. The hunting trips my dad got invited on weren’t ones he could take me on.

When I was 12, my mom told my dad he should fi nd a deer hunt to take me on. My dad tried to fi nd a place to take me, but they were always too much money or not good for taking a girl. One day my dad said he fi nally found a ranch that I could go hunting on. I was so excited. The place is named the 3R Trophy Ranch in Mills County. My dad said that my mom and little sister could come with us!

I shot 2 does on my first trip there on my first hunt ever! Warren “The Bull” Blesh guided us and helped so much. We love his guest cabin SO much. A Black Buck taken by Shelby at the RRR Ranch

The next year my dad booked another doe hunt. This time, a big 8 point buck walked out and Mr Blesh asked me if I wanted to shoot it! I said yes and got my fi rst buck. I was so happy.

This year I got to hunt there, again, and shot a Blackbuck Antelope that is so pretty. Now I’m going to have 2 mounts at home. Mr Blesh always has a plan for us each time we go out and doesn’t give up helping me get a shot.

I can’t wait to go back to the 3R in April on my fi rst turkey hunt and again in October for deer. My whole family loves going to the 3R Ranch and that makes it more fun.

Shelby Smith

Wounded Warriour Project

Mills County has hosted what is the largest wounded warrior project hunt in the U.S.A. three times. RRR is proud to have taken hunters all three times. We have learned that many heal quickly from the physical scars but that mental scars are the hardest to heal. Our hearts go out to this group. Shown below is our group photo from the county wide event.

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